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My Projects

All my project downloads can be found on the "Project Downloads" page.

SirChills RTM Tool

My first project that moved to another Console / Software. This tool is for Black Ops 2 on PS3, was a big project for me as it was my first time coding in C# but I ended up finishing it and had all the functions working. To this date (1st Of August 2019) it has over 100 downloads and still being downloaded. 

ULX Extra Commands

My first project coded in LUA with the help of my friend Azuraii. This is for ULX which is for Garry's Mod. It adds 7 extra commands for ULX and currently has over 900 Unique Visitors, 777 Subscribers and been added to 150+ Collections.

Poison Stick

My second project/addon in LUA, again for Garry's Mod. This addon was pretty difficult yet fun as I learnt more about LUA. Azuraii joined me on making this one and coded the throwing function. Hasn't been discovered by that many people and stands at 50 + Unique visitors and 28 subscribers.

Admin Circle

My third and final Garry's Mod addon (So far) which was the hardest out of them all. This addon uses the ingame console to configure. Once again, Azuraii joined me on this one and did the whole config side of the addon. Currently, this addon stands at 150 + Unique visitors and 60 subscribers.